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Multi-Shelter Adoption Event

Sponsored by PetSmart Charities and TRACS

Friday thru Sunday

July 15 - 17th

11:00pm - 6:00pm

at 2640 N. Reserve

(the old Staples Bldg)

How to Donate to Help our Mission


Mission: To offer shelter and protection for the well being of all companion animals in our community by offering a comprehensive package of services for these animals and their current or future human companions.

For Animals: we shall provide care and safe shelter for those animals afflicted by neglect, abandonment, or abuse from the time they are received until they are adopted into good homes.

For Humans: we shall continue to work within the community to educate humans on the importance of responsible guardianship, compassion, and respect for all animals.

For Community: we shall work towards the enhancement of the bond between humans and animals through effective adoption, community education, and community services; and we shall work towards the reduction of stress of pet overpopulation via the encouragement towards spay and neuter of all companion animals.

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